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Passion USA - Customized trips to the United States

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Passion USA
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A few suggestions, to be tailored to your needs

These trips are not standard offers.
They have been created specifically for their participants, starting from their wishes, tastes and lifestyle.

Grand Canyon 430px

The Great Parks of the West

With family or friends, discover the majesty of Grand Canyon, the unique stone needles of Bryce, Monument Valley and many other natural wonders.

New York City 430px

Getaway to New York City

With your partner, family or friends, The City That Never Sleeps has so much to offer : museums, restaurants, musicals, parks, and all its stunning diversity.

Route 66 430px

Route 66

From Chicago to Los Angeles, whether you bike or drive, Main Street of America stretches its 2,440 miles across 8 states and more than 60 years of Legend.

Rodeo in Cody 430px

On Buffalo Bill's Tracks

On a less-traveled road, this trip is a deep dive into the Wild West : history with Buffalo Bill and Native Americans, and nature at Yellowstone.

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Yellow cab, New York CityOatman, Historic Route 66Painted Ladies, San Francisco

Travel with Passion USA

Passion USA is first and foremost a team of highly passionate individuals who have fallen in love with the USA and its gorgeous landscapes, rich history, fabulous cities, unique roads, and also its inhabitants, with all their contrasts and their stunning diversity. We don't have enough words to tell about the encounters we made while criss-crossing the country East to West and North to South. And it has been going on since 1979 !

Passion USA is a team of field-loving women and men. We certainly do not enjoy wearing a pantsuit or a three-piece. You will most often see us with hiking shoes and full backpacks, ready to leave. When we suggest a hike, a visit or an activity, most of the times we have been there before and are willing to share the experience with you.

Last but not least, Passion USA is a company with a human size and face. We have chosen not to invest in prestige office space, purchase communication or search engine referencing, or hire a plentiful staff. We entirely devote our resources to our tour operating activity and what makes it a thrill, which is you, your passions and your enjoyment.

With Passion USA, you are not merely a customer.

You become a friend.

When you travel to the United States with Passion USA, we make 5 specific commitments for you :

We will never sell you a vaguely adapted trip made of a standard package and a few extra options. We only design, sell and deliver fully customized trips, tailored specifically for you, made with your passions, your wishes and your way of life. Start with a blank page and fill it with you ? That's what we love best, at Passion USA !

We exclusively focus on a single destination, the United States of America. This is where we have a proven track record and expertise and have earned our certifications. We have been setting up custom trips to the USA since 1979. Whether you want to visit the classics or are willing to ask the impossible and let us care about the practical details, Passion USA's skills and expertise are here for you.

Before, during and after your trip, your dedicated consultant is there to assist you and address your requests. He/she composes your trip with you and remains fully available, either on location or remotely via phone, text or e-mail, while you are travelling. Please let us know who you are, and we will design the most appropriate service offer exclusively for you. And after you are back ? We especially value your feedback and continued satisfaction.

You are not ready, or are unwilling, to be left on your own ? We assist our travellers on a 24*7 basis, either locally or remotely. With Passion USA, you are never left alone. This is our commitment and our idea of stress-free travelling.

What if you are not exactly fluent in English ? Rest assured that Passion USA is fluent for you.

You love nature and great outdoors ? Cities, monuments and outsize buildings ? Sports and adventure ? Movies, art and culture ? History ? Music ? Shopping and casinos ? Bike driving ? Anything else ? A bit of everything ? Tell us who you are, what gets you thrilled, and it will be our pleasure to create it specifically for you. We too enjoy walking less-travelled paths.